TESOL in Florence

by Father
(San Diego, CA )

Question My daughter is considering a program with Language Corps to become certified in TESOL and work in Florence. Can anyone offer experiences with this program? What are the financial risks, likelihood of getting a job after the certification course, handling visa issues, etc.? Thank you in advance.

Answer I hope someone with experience of this particular company can help here. Most language schools in Italy only recognize the CELTA and Cert TESOL certificates. However, the Language Corps program seems quite thorough and may be accepted by language schools.

According to their website, the course consists of 140 hours training, including 10 hours of observed teaching practice. The teaching practice is something that language schools consider to be very important. However, only someone in based in Italy with a similar certificate could really know about its usefulness. I would recommend your daughter take a CELTA or Cert TESOL. These certificates are recognized throughout Italy and Europe.

The main problem is the work permit. UK and Irish citizens don't need a work permit to work in the EU. North Americans do, and it's therefore harder to find a school willing to go through all the paperwork to do this. However, some schools will apply for a permit. Getting a work permit will involve returning to the US to apply there in person.

There is a lot of competition for jobs teaching English in Italy and if your daughter restricts her choice to only Florence, then finding a job may be very difficult; so there are some financial risks.

Many Americans working in Italy, work illegally. This of course has risks, and it often means working for the worst employers. I'd be interested to know of her experience in Italy, if she decides to go.

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