Teaching English in Turkey

by Elec

Question: Where can I find a job teaching English in Turkey now? I have a TESOL credential and experience teaching English to non-English speaking populations. Thus far, I have found a few positions, but not many.

Also, what should be the average pay for an English teacher in Turkey?

Answer: Your teaching experience and TESOL qualifications will help you, but you need to be in Turkey now. Applying from abroad is always harder, but at this time of year - November - it will be especially hard. September is the best time to look for English teaching jobs in Turkey. This is when schools are looking for teachers; just before the beginning of the new term. Many schools will already have hired their teachers for the year and won't be looking until next September.

After September - the next best time to find an English teaching job in Turkey is in January and February, after some teachers decide they're not suited to teaching, and fail to turn up for work after the winter holidays. Of course, opportunities do occur at all times throughout the year. I've found work out of season, many teachers do.

You need to be on the ground looking. Send out your C.V. to as many schools as you can find in the area you are interested in. Then make follow-up phone calls a few days later, or call in the schools in person. I've sometimes sent out over 100 copies of my C.V. only to be offered a single job.

The large cities are usually the best places, but sometimes there are good opportunities in the smaller towns too. It's hard to give advice on where to go as the situation often changes. Istanbul and Ankara have the most language schools, but they also have the most teachers.

"What should be the average pay?" It should be higher than it is - See my article Teaching English in Turkey for more information on salaries and other aspects of living in Turkey.

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Dec 05, 2011
Teaching english in Turkey
by: Leyla

I am a teacher of English in Ankara, Turkey.I am Turkish. And as far as I am concerned,a number of language schools are looking for native teachers to teach English, one of which is Karaca Language School where I worked for 14 years. It is one of the best in Ankara. If you are interested, try Goggle and find ''Karaca language School'' snd send your CV. If I am not wrong they pay half of the accomodation. Best wishes.

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