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Teaching English in Oman is a softer entry to the Middle East than its neighbor Saudi Arabia. It's a bleakly beautiful country, and a regional tourist destination. A conservative country too, but it's much freer than its larger neigbor to the north-west. It's possible to buy alcohol if you register for a license. Many teachers in Oman, come from the large Asian expat communities living there.

An Omani Village

There is a demand for native speakers, although the salaries are lower than Saudi Arabia and the UAE to the north – and they seem to be stagnating. OMR800 a month is low, but is unfortunately becoming more common. Salaries are tax free, and accommodation is usually provided free by your employer, and flights are often included in the package - so it is possible to save money. If you are interested in university jobs, it's a good idea to do an internet search of universities and colleges in Oman, and then apply directly.

teaching english in oman

Salaries, Qualifications & Experience

As always, salaries vary according to experience and qualifications. A low salary would be OMR800/m. OMR900 to 1,000 (or higher) is possible for an entry level job. It's also possible to arrange private students, and extra classes are especially popular around exam time. Expect to be working in a 9-5 type situation, Saturday to Wednesday.

A degree is a basic requirement, as is TEFL certification . A TEFL diploma , or an MA TESOL is often required. Most jobs ask for 3-5 years teaching experience. It is possible to find an ESL job in Oman online. Check on TEFL forums for the latest situations in some of the teaching establishments. Some are fine; some have big problems with the management.

If you want to continue teaching English in Oman, you'll need to get a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from your employer after you've finished your contract. Otherwise, you'll have a two year wait before you can apply for another job in the country. Often this is a formality, but some employers can be awkward in giving them out, and some consider it to be a recommendation. Do your research on the company you're considering working for. 

Note that accommodation in Muscat is much higher than elsewhere in the country.

The Times of Oman is the oldest English language newspaper in the country.

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Desert Scenery in Oman

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