Teaching English in Macau

There's some work to be found teaching English in Macau (sometimes spelt Macao), but it's much smaller than Hong Kong and has less demand for teachers. It helps to be more prepared than is usual because of the smaller EFL job market here and the paperwork involved in getting a visa, which can take several months.

There are some private language school in the territory, but, because of the slowness in applying for visas, the best schools hire early. If you have an MA TESOL, then you could try applying to the University of Macau. For those of you with state recognized teaching qualifications there is an international school in Macau. Do an internet search for universities in Macau to get a list.

Incidentally, it is easier for Portuguese citizens to get visas, because of the connections between Portugal and China. Chinese citizens find Portugal one of the easiest countries in Europe to get visas for.

teaching english in macau

Ruins of St. Paul's Church

Jobs teaching English in Macau appear throughout the year, so if you are interested, you need to check jobs advertised online regularly. Dave's ESL Cafe and TEFL.com are the best places to find jobs.

Macau has historical Portuguese parts – with many old buildings – and the modern Chinese casinos. The atmosphere around the casinos is not always so good however. There are good Portuguese/Chinese restaurants here and you are very close to Hong Kong and China. One teacher I spoke to who worked there, complained that there isn't a large English speaking community here - which compared to Hong Kong is certainly true - and that it's therefore more difficult to make a social life.

The official language in Macau is Mandarin, but Cantonese is the language you will here spoken around you. The third most spoken language is English. Very few people here speak Portuguese, although you will see it in written form in many places. Street names, menus and many shop signs are in Portuguese.

As you can see from the shortness of this article, and from any internet searches you may have done, there is a lack of information on teaching English in Macau. Try contacting universities and schools directly.

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teaching english in macau

Almond cakes - A speciality in Macau, and one I recommend. You can buy many of these on the streets leading up to St Paul's.

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