Teaching English in Hungary - 10 years later, a wife, a house and 2 kids

by Charles

Met a Hungarian girl in Ireland in 2000, moved to Budapest, did a TEFL course and crash, bang, wallop...here I am, ten years later working in a university department in Eger, a small city in north-east Hungary.

How things have changed. I have got married - to the same girl - have two great children, a house, two dogs, the language etc. etc.

Anyway enough about me, Hungary is a great place to teach, Budapest is fine if you only want to spend a year here and then move on. There is a big expat community and you never need learn the language (which is akin to Martian).

But where's the adventure in that, come to the provinces and get immersed in a crazy cultural carousel that'll never stop, anyway, you'll never want to get off. Pig killing, amazingly unhealthy, but delicious food, ear-bending music, extreme rudeness punctuated by immense hospitality and, if you drink and smoke then welcome to paradise.

So my tip to any would-be English teachers coming to Hungary is...if you want to visit the same-old, same-old capital city of a European country then go to Budapest. If you want to see a rich, cultural lifestyle far removed from what you know, pop out to the Magyar countryside and get your tongue around a unique language and some top notch cuisine.

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Feb 05, 2011
teaching in Hungary
by: Mark (Admin)

Thanks for the story Charles. It's interesting to hear about life outside of the capital.

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