Teaching English in Europe

Teaching English in Europe is very popular. Particularly TESOL destinations such as Italy France and Spain . The cultural differences are interesting, but not too different - for teachers from English speaking countries. Teaching English in Europe allows you to explore the cultures and languages of many interesting countries. If you plan to try teaching English overseas, then Europe is a good choice.

For Americans it is harder than it is for British or Irish citizens. You will need to convince an employer to sponsor you, and sometimes you will need the school to prove that this is a job that an EU citizen cannot do. The situation does vary slightly between different European countries. It would help if you have a TEFL certificate [one recognized by European schools], and experience. Business experience could also be very useful here, as business English classes are popular. The other route is to work illegally, with all of the problems this entails.

Many North Americans work freelance in Europe. Either private tutoring, or through an agency. Many of which supply English teachers to local companies. Another alternative is teaching English in Russia or Turkey Neither are in the EU, and both have large markets for ESL.

Remember that when you look for work is important. Most of the hiring is done in September and October, for the following academic year. The two occasions on which I looked for work teaching English in Europe (in Lisbon and Madrid) were at the second best time - January. I found work both times, but it required more effort and stress.

teaching english in europe


Teaching English in Europe - Spain

Many people find work teaching English in Spain , although the country is becoming more saturated with teachers. Many teachers - myself included - have found work through the yellow pages (paginas amarillas) or the Madrid blue pages. It's also worth looking online for jobs advertised. Teaching English in Madrid or Barcelona are the best options in terms of job availability. There is also some work in Bilbao and some of the surrounding areas in the north.

A TEFL certificate and a degree are usually asked for. Experience will help in such a competitive job market; as will some knowledge of Spanish.

You can live and save a little on a teacher's salary. If you have been in the country for some time, and speak Spanish, it's possible to get work teaching freelance for companies which can be quite profitable.

Teaching English in Europe - Italy

Teaching English in Italy is very popular. Learning English is popular, and there is a high demand for English classes. This has led to large supply of English teachers. However, it is possible to find TEFL jobs in Italy.

Experience is not always needed, but a TEFL certificate usually is. You can find work teaching English in Italy all over the country. The south of the country has lower salaries, but the lower cost of accommodation and living in general can balance this difference.

As with Spain, freelance work is available if you can speak some Italian, and if you are a motivated and organized type of person.

Teaching English in Europe - France

Teaching English in France is a good way to learn French, and learn about the culture. Not many ESL jobs in France are advertised on the internet. You will need to check out the French yellow pages (pagesjaunes) and send off your resume and cover letter to many schools.

It's best to be in the country when you do this. Many teachers also find work by putting ads in local shops, supermarkets and anywhere where there's a notice board.

Learn French as quickly as you can. This will help you find work faster, and give you a better experience of life. Paris has the most language schools, but you can find work in most of the larger cities in France.

teaching english in europe


Teaching English in Europe - Germany

Very few jobs teaching English in Germany are advertised on the internet, although it's still worth looking. The best way is to select a larger city that interests, then go there and apply on the spot. Some say larger cities are best because they have more language schools; others say the smaller cities are better because they have less competition from other English teachers.

TEFL certification helps, as does an ability to speak German, although teachers do find work without any ability with the language. As with teaching English in Europe in general, pay attention to the timing of your trip to search for ESL jobs in Germany. The end of the summer is the best time, before the new semester begins in September.

Teaching English in Europe - Poland

Poland offers the most opportunities for an inexperienced teacher. Learning English is popular in Poland, and there is a high demand for English teachers. Many teachers enjoy teaching English in Poland.

There are opportunities for teaching English in Poland: Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw are the main TESOL locations. Most TEFL jobs in Poland are for teaching adults, which adds to Poland's popularity for some teachers. And most jobs are in language schools, although there is some work in public schools, and there is also work teaching private students.

Although speaking Polish would help in getting privates, a knowledge of the language is not as important here as in some other European countries. Probably because of the difficulty of learning the language - and the fact that so few foreigners do learn it well.

Teaching English in Europe - Portugal

Despite there being less information about teaching English in Portugal than some other European countries, there are TEFL jobs in Portugal. It is an easier country than Spain or Italy for an non-EU citizen to get a work visa, and an enjoyable country to live in.

While some TEFL jobs in Portugal are advertised online, it is definitely best to look for jobs on the spot. Most of the work teaching English in Portugal is in private language schools. There seems to be less work teaching private students than in some other European countries.

The vast majority of language schools require teachers to have a first degree and a TEFL certificate - either a CELTA or a Trinity CertTESOL. There are opportunities for both teacher with or without experience.

Teaching English in Europe - Turkey

There are good opportunities for teaching English in Turkey . The country is part in Europe and part in Asia. In fact some teachers commute between the two continents. Learning English is popular in Turkey, and there are opportunities to teach both young learners and adults.

TESOL jobs in Turkey are in language schools, public schools and universities. It is also possible to teach private students. Many jobs are advertised on the internet, but you can also find work on the spot.

A lot of the work is in Istanbul and the capital, Ankara, but it is possible to find work in many of the smaller cities. In some cases it is easier, as there are lots of English teachers living in Istanbul.

Teaching English in Europe - Other Destinations

It's possible to teach in most parts of Europe, but finding work is often more difficult to find, and/or low paid. Teaching English in Prague is extremely popular with teachers, but the city is now saturated with teachers. Teaching English in Greece is possible - if you look for work during September and October. However, the pay is low. Read about the experiences of a teacher who encountered a lot of difficulty when she tried teaching English in Greece

Perhaps some of the more interesting options are teaching English in Russia and the Ukraine. Russians - and Ukrainians - are very keen to learn English. There are many private language schools in the Russia. TEFL certification asked for, but if you turn up to find work with only a degree, this will usually be enough; especially if the degree is in languages or business. Many businesses require English teachers to train their staff. If you have a knowledge, so much the better. Many language schools send their teachers our to teach in companies.

Salaries in Russia can vary a lot. I've heard of salaries ranging from $600-$1,500. Accommodation is usually included. It's possible to find private students when you are there. The typical rate is around $30 an hour.

teaching english in europe

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