Teaching English in Barcelona

by Lesley

I'm English and I moved to Barcelona in 1995 and lived there until 2003. I did a one month TESOL course at a school called Novalingua which was excellent. I had done some Spanish at night classes and had a degree in French, so I could communicate fairly well, but the TESOL course concentrated on being able to teach without using the students own language, which gave me a lot of confidence.

I had a little teaching experience from teaching piano and singing, so I did well on the course and afterwards had no trouble getting work. My first job was at International House which is probably the best English language school in Spain. The pay and conditions were the best there, and they also let me attend free Spanish classes which was useful.

I taught on and off for 8 years, at lots of schools in and around Barcelona. I loved it. The students were keen and motivated and great fun. The Catalans are such wonderful people.

It is possible to get work without the TESOL qualifications, but it tends to be at the smaller schools, pay is bad, and there is less job security. I'd definitely recommend doing the course and getting the TESOL or TEFL certificate.

I can recommend Barcelona very highly, it will always be my favourite city in the world. I now live in Australia - and Sydney is pretty good, but I will always be homesick for Spain.

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Feb 05, 2011
Madrid or Barcelona
by: Mark (Admin)

Thanks for the story Lesley. I thought about teaching in Barcelona, but ended up teaching in Madrid, for all my time in Spain. I guess I liked the hot dry weather there.

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