My Tesol Story

My name is Mark, and I've been teaching English overseas for over 25 years in different parts of Europe and Asia.

I've wanted to travel since I was very young, and even as a child I knew the names and locations of every country in the world. This desire to travel, and my interest in English, and other languages, made teaching English a good choice. After leaving university I left Britain to fulfil my dream of seeing the world. I thought I'd be back within a year.

Teaching a private class at my old language school.

I've taught English in Taiwan (many times), Spain Turkey and Portugal . As well as some very short stints in China Japan and England.

During the past 25 years I've taught most kinds of class, trained teachers written materials including a series of coursebooks for children, taken an MEd TESOL with distinction, and set up and run a small chain of language schools with partners in Northern Taiwan.

At my old language school in Yong Ho, Taiwan.

Although the schools did, and still do, well, I needed a change. I sold my share, went back to university for a year, and then taught English in Portugal. I'm now back in Taiwan where I'm teaching full-time at a university in the countryside and developing this website. I also write fantasy stories.

At an English Corner activity at the university.

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