Is the MA TESOL I'm interested in recognized?

by Joseph

Question - Is the MA in TESOL from London Teacher Training College internationally acceptable?

Answer - In this particular case, the company you mention says that it's MA TESOL is accredited by St Clement's University, which operates out of Turks & Caicos Islands. Wikepedia has some interesting comments on St Clement's The university is not accredited in the United States. The National Universities Commission of Nigeria say that the university is unlicensed and operating illegally in their country. A senator in the Australian parliament referred to this university as 'being operated out of a grog shop.'

None of this is inspiring. It looks like the center you mention plays in a bad neighborhood.

Your question raises some interesting issues. How can you tell whether the degree or diploma you are interested in is genuine and recognized internationally, or whether it's operating out of a 'grog shop?' All universities begin as being unaccredited, so this by itself, does not mean the institute is bad. There are some things you can do to check it out, and there are signs to look for.

Check whether the college you are interested by is accredited by a recognized body. Just saying on the website that it is accredited is not enough. Look at the course syllabus. Does it seem to be what you would expect? Be aware that some sites copy from genuine universities, so making their websites seem more official. Run a check on the institution on Google or another search engine. Does it throw up anything suspicious?

Is the address a postal box or mail forwarding service? Do they encourage you to enroll quickly before fees increase? Can the degrees be gained in a very short time? Do they talk about life experience being part of the course and give credits for it? Do they show sample diplomas? Do they talk about hiring out graduation gowns on the homepage? All of these are warning signs. See this interesting article on diploma mills for more ideas on establishing whether the institute you are interested in is genuine.

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Dec 06, 2013
MA TEFEL Vs MA English
by: Anonymous

I want to know that MA TEFEL degree is equal to MA English degree?MA tefel degree holder can apply for job where MA english is required for teaching?

Dec 16, 2013
Which MA?
by: Mark (Admin)

An MA TEFL is about how to teach English language. An MA in English is usually focussed on English literature. Either of these may help you find work, although a lot of universities now want applicants to have a PhD.

Which you choose depends on your interests, but the MA TEFL is more related to teaching.

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