ESL Games

Good ESL Games are one way of adding fun to the English class, and as long as the games for ESL students provide plenty of language practice, they are an excellent tool to use in the classroom. All of the games on these pages do give your students plenty of practice with English.

Something I've often wanted as an English teacher, is a place where I could find ELT games which were organized according to the language points they practice. On this page I link to EFL games pages which focus on and practice: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, speaking, spelling, writing, reading and discussions.

Here are My Top 10 TEFL Games

Some EFL games are fun, but the usage of English is incidental. While EFL games like this may, on occasions, have their place, in my articles I have focussed on EFL games which give the students an opportunity to practice their English as much as possible.

Types of Games for Teaching English

Games for teaching English will usually give more than one kind of language practice. An TEFL game that practices vocabulary, may also give excellent listening practice. A game that practices grammar, may also give the students intensive speaking practice.

However, it's usually possible to say that a game gives more practice in one area than in another. I hope that a teacher looking for a game to practice grammar, an aspect of English pronunciation, or writing skills, will be able to go to the right page and find ideas to help the students practice language point in question.

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