Certification for Teaching English in Indonesia

by Kim
(Invercargill )

I'm wanting to become TEFL certified, to work in Indonesia as a teacher. What would this certification allow me to do? Will I be able to work legally? Visa etc if employed through a School?


A degree (in English or a related subject), a TEFL certificate and 5 years experience teaching is the official requirement. But many schools do not go by the book, and there are teachers teaching English in Indonesia without a degree or much experience – illegal and not recommended.

TEFL certification will simply make it easier for you to apply for jobs in the country, most of which will be a private language schools. The second benefit is helping you improve the standard of your teaching, which in the long run will allow you to compete for better jobs.

The Indonesian government has been going through a period of tightening up on foreign workers. Currently, to get a work visa (which you need to work legally in the country) you need to be 27 years old. It keeps going up.

Some teachers work for dodgy schools and have to make visa trips abroad every few months. It's also become more common for teachers to be asked to work on business visas – which, despite what the schools say, is also illegal. The problem is the government's tightening up on foreign workers.

At least the Indonesian government has dropped the planned requirement for foreign workers to pass a test in Indonesian – due to pressure from investors in the country.

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