To Tesol or not to Tesol?

This is one of the first questions Tesol Zone helps to answer.

Is teaching English abroad right for you? How can you find a job? What type of qualifications do you need?

The second important question this website answers is: "How can I teach English?" You will find many articles helping you teach with confidence.

Note – There are many TEFL acronyms, and most people use the terms: ESL EFL, and TESL TEFL and TESOL interchangeably. I follow the common practice on this site. And, like it or not, TESOL and TEFL are rapidly becoming nouns and verbs too. If you're not familiar with these, TESL TEFL explains the various acronyms used for teaching English.

A Beach in Brazil–one of many popular TEFL destinations

Travel the World

There are opportunities for teaching English in all corners of the world. Teaching English overseas (these articles show you the teaching situation in different parts of the world) is a good way to explore the world, learn new languages, or make some money whilst living abroad. It can also be satisfying, and is of value in itself.

Understanding the types of TEFL certification required by employers around the world is important, as is understanding how to find good English teaching jobs abroad. The more you prepare, the more likely that your experience will be a positive one.

Teach with Confidence

When you've found a job teaching English abroad, you will need some interesting classroom activities and games for your students. A good activity can change an average class into a good one. This section of the website also provides useful tips to make your teaching smoother and more satisfying for yourself and your students.

I will add a third section to this website over the next week. The new section will be a TEFL blog in which I'll write about issues, thoughts and reflections of interest related to English teachers. Readers will also be able to post on issues of interest to them. Comments will be enabled in the blog.

My Tesol Story

I've taught English to all ages of students–particularly elementary, high school and university level–in several countries, trained teachers, written EFL coursebooks and teacher's books, and started, developed and sold a chain of language schools. At present, I'm writing a book (the working title is Teaching English Abroad), writing ELT materials and teaching English at a university in Northern Taiwan. 

For the longer version–read the About Me page!