Would you like to teach ESL?

On Tesol Zone I survey the current ESL situation around the world, and provide ideas for improving your teaching and TESOL activities for the classroom.

There are opportunities for teaching English in all corners of the world. Teaching English overseas is a good way to explore the world, learn new languages, or make some money whilst living abroad. It can also be satisfying, and is of value in itself.

Whatever your reasons for choosing to teach English, knowing more about what this actually involves, knowing about the correct kinds of TEFL certification, knowing what the teaching situation is like in different parts of the world, and how to find good English teaching jobs there, is important if you want your experience to be a positive one.

When you've found a job teaching English overseas, you will need some interesting classroom activities for your students. A good activity can change an average class into a good one. Perhaps you have been teaching English for a number of years already. If so, what are your options now, both inside and outside of TESOL?

I've taught English to all ages of students in several countries, trained teachers, written EFL coursebooks for students, and, with partners, started, developed and sold a chain of language schools. Now I am teaching English at a university in Taiwan and writing EFL materials again.

There are many TEFL acronyms, and most people use the terms: ESL EFL, and TESL TEFL and TESOL interchangeably. I follow the common practice on this site. If you're not familiar with these TESL TEFL explains the various acronyms used for teaching English.

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